Friday, December 7, 2012

Firefox "Remember passwords for sites" is disabled

So you have the  "Remember passwords for sites" disabled in Firefox and you can't understand the reason ?
Well turns our you might be in automatic private browsing mode - not the mode when you select private browsing, but a hidden mode that is set when you choose:

tools -> options -> privacy -> history
Firefox will : "Never remember history"

And in this mode you can't save passwords !

Change the mode to "use custom settings for history" + uncheck whatever you need from the options to make it not remember anything anyway :)

No go back to Tools -> options -> security
Voila - it is enabled !

PS: being in the above mode also shows the "start private browsing" and "stop private browsing" in the tools menu as disabled - so performing the fix above will fix this too.


  1. Thank you!!! I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't save passwords. One thing I did notice is that once you remove "start private browsing" you must click OK then reopen settings to see "Remember passwords for sites" enabled. Otherwise, if you did not click ok and went to the Passwords tab immediately after, "Remember passwords for sites" would still be disabled.

    PS: I'm on the latest Firefox.

  2. Thank you, very helpfull


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