Friday, June 5, 2015

Fake usb flash drives and sd memory from AliExpress

So, everyone already knows that there are many fake flash drives and sd cards on ali express site.

Be careful - these fake drives are advertised many times in superdeals and deals of the day - aliexpress do not check them - its just stores that pay aliexpress to put it on deal of the day.

Many times these deals of the day do not have enough feedback to know that people received authentic products but there are many orders. DO NOT BUY if there are no feedbacks on the specific product !

Here is an example :

64GB flash drive for 8$

Store opened
1 Year
The best tool to check these kind of drives is H2testw (google it). Windows will just show a fake 64GB when inserted and because of this people give good feedback to the store when they receive it but later they discover that the drive will not store more than 10-25% of claimed storage value and it will cause many problems to windows too.

The report from H2testw shows:
We can only assume that when Chinese factories encounter bad sectors on their drives, instead of destorying them, they get to stores on aliexpress or in other cases, small drives are purchased and they are altered to report more memory than they have.
 These sellers will try to enforce you to give them 5 stars to settle the dispute and will not reimburse you until you do so.
 Another example: 
this is from:
look in the store feedbacks (*specifically look for feedbacks on memory cards not other products*) and you will see:
 and most importantly, blog about fake sellers - then other people can google the store name and check them out.