Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wifi connection problems on android on Samsung Galaxy tab

I have a Tplink router and I have noticed I get wifi connection problems when trying to connect to it using my Samsung Galaxy tab mini tablet. After a lot of checks, I managed to see that the problem is from the DHCP.
The problem happens only when using a secure network (WEP or WPA/PSK).
The problem was that after the phone would recognize the net and try to connect to it, it would say "Remebered" on the connection for a short period and them it would show "Disabled" without any reason.

Since the problem is in DHCP, and until they fix it, it can be soved by defining a manual IP address on the wifi settings of the tablet:

- Goto Settings -> Wireless and Network -> Wi-Fi Settings
- If your router is already shown in the list, "long click" on it and choose "forget"
- (ignore the entry if it re-appears automatically)
- Select Add Wi-Fi network
- Type the name of your network, set the security type (WEP or WPA/WPA2 PSK) and enter the password
- The network should appear now on the list, don't connect to it yet
- "long click" on your network entry, and then setup your ip address manually, choose one from the range defined in the router (e.g., or then set the network mask (typically and then set the gateway and dns addresses - these should be the address of your router, the same address you put on your home computer browser to access the admin of your router, you can see it by opening a 'cmd' window on your computer and typing 'ipconfig' , use the same gateway address listed there for your phones gateway and dns settings.

Note: i noticed that getting the possibility to set your ip manually on the tablet is not consistent and it won't always give you this option when 'long clicking' on your network - you will hav to use trial and error.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Using JQuery with Visual Studio ASP.NET when using master and content pages

Good article for beginners on how to use JQuery together with C# ASP.NET here.

Pay attention to the comments at the end if you are using a master page and content pages and pay attention you will need to use a different finder string to locate auto generated ASP.NET control IDs:

Comment posted by Konrad on Tuesday, January 05, 2010 10:23 AM 
Something important when referencing server controls,
if you have a asp:Button control, $("#Button1") won't work.
You need to use this $("#<%= Button1.ClientID %>") 

Comment posted by mayuresh on Wednesday, March 04, 2009 4:08 PM
Adding the same code to a child page inheriting a master page..cause the page to referesh on postback




Using JQuery with ASP.NET comes to mind immediately when thinking of using a datetime picker control that is so much missing from the tools section of visual studio (the calendar control is really not a solution for most of us ! )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to disable windows Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

When you freshly install windows 2003, "internet explorer enhanced security configuration" is on by default which makes your life hell when you try to browse the web and doesn't let you download firefox either (because clicking download on firefox each time triggers a different server that needs to be authorized by adding it to the allowed sites).

To solve this issue, and just download a normal browser such as firefox, simply go to control panel -> add /remove programs -> add/remove windows components -> uncheck "internet explorer enhanced security configuration" -> next,next,next .... finish -> download firefox

In windows 2008 it is a little different, Windows Server 2008 implementation of Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is configured through Server Manager. Select the root of the Service Manager navigation pane, and under the Server Summary click Configure IE ESC, which is part of the Security Information section. A dialog box appears, letting Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration be enabled/disable separately for normal users and administrators.