Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wifi connection problems on android on Samsung Galaxy tab

I have a Tplink router and I have noticed I get wifi connection problems when trying to connect to it using my Samsung Galaxy tab mini tablet. After a lot of checks, I managed to see that the problem is from the DHCP.
The problem happens only when using a secure network (WEP or WPA/PSK).
The problem was that after the phone would recognize the net and try to connect to it, it would say "Remebered" on the connection for a short period and them it would show "Disabled" without any reason.

Since the problem is in DHCP, and until they fix it, it can be soved by defining a manual IP address on the wifi settings of the tablet:

- Goto Settings -> Wireless and Network -> Wi-Fi Settings
- If your router is already shown in the list, "long click" on it and choose "forget"
- (ignore the entry if it re-appears automatically)
- Select Add Wi-Fi network
- Type the name of your network, set the security type (WEP or WPA/WPA2 PSK) and enter the password
- The network should appear now on the list, don't connect to it yet
- "long click" on your network entry, and then setup your ip address manually, choose one from the range defined in the router (e.g., or then set the network mask (typically and then set the gateway and dns addresses - these should be the address of your router, the same address you put on your home computer browser to access the admin of your router, you can see it by opening a 'cmd' window on your computer and typing 'ipconfig' , use the same gateway address listed there for your phones gateway and dns settings.

Note: i noticed that getting the possibility to set your ip manually on the tablet is not consistent and it won't always give you this option when 'long clicking' on your network - you will hav to use trial and error.


  1. " "long click" on your network entry, and then setup your ip address manually"

    how do you setup your ip address manually, there's no option to do so...


  3. Thank you so much for this article. I have a galaxy tab which started having this problem and wouldn't connect to my WIFI. It had happened once before but restarting the tab and the router had fixed the issue but not this time. It connected right away once I set the static IP address. Thanks again!

  4. I have the same problem of wifi. But even after setting it to static ip and manual setup of network. it connects to network but cant browse anything. where as on 3G, there are no issues. Since this is my first android device(SGT 10.1 16GB 3G wifi)Am not satisfied with the quality.

  5. I had this problem with one of three of our Galaxy media players. The first two connected no problem the third one did the same as described above. I found that my wireless router by default only assigns up to 10 IP addressess. After the second Galaxy player I was at my limit and would not assign an IP address to my third. I freed up one of the IP addressess and it connected perfectly. Hope this helps some of you.


    This was helpful, thanks- I needed help figuring out how to set up the IP address manually, and this youtube clip walks you through it.

  7. This works! really helpful! THANKS!

    to configure IP manually choose
    Settings -> Wireless and Network -> Wi-Fi Settings

    On left down icon, choose advanced, IP settings, static IP

    Read the info on Ip, gateway and netmasker (typical) on PC, control panel, network connections, status, detail info

  8. Try to find setting on your router like "max number of peers" or something like that and change the value to maximum it can, maybe it will tell the maximum number.
    I solved my problem with USB Wifi TP-Link WN321G that set default value to 20, and I changed to 32 (maximum allowable).
    No need to use static ip method coz my android doesn't have it

  9. I humbly thank you for this blogpost. It helped me great and this problem almost got me too frustrated.

  10. i am also looking for solution .

    redes wifi


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